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Our Ministries


Our ministries are open and welcome to everyone.  From Sunday worship to Sunday School to Bible Studies - there is plenty to do and see here.  Please take a moment and check out a few of our Ministries below:

Children enjoying learning about God while having fun in a good, wholesome atmosphere.

Sunday School

Sunday School is usually taught by Frank Lipus, a graduate of the Contenders Couse at Montana Bible College.  His teaching is clear and the members all participate.  The setting may be informal but the knowledge gained is invaluable.

Vacation Bible School

We host one of the area's best Vacation Bible Schools in the valley.  Attendance is free and snacks are provided.  A dedicated group of young, energetic Christians from Mississippi visit annually and really do a great job having fun with the kids and instilling a desire to know God more.There are games, prizes, and fun.  

No fancy dress code here.
College students enjoying Christian fellowship

College Church

We support Resonate Church, a campus ministry at the University of Montana and other colleges around the country.  Pastor Austin Luke periodically comes to our church to share what they have accomplished since their last visit and tell us how our prayer and financial support affect the future of his ministry.  It is a much needed ministry in a place that can really make a difference, the University Campus.

Men learning about their role in God's plan.

Bible Studies

Grow in your knowledge of God’s Word and enjoy accountability, connection, and fellowship. Newcomers are always welcome.

Missions and Missionaries

Scripture teaches that we are all called to be missionaries (Matt 28:19). We support missions not only by loving the God of missions but by loving missions and faithfully participating in them. As Jesus prays: “As you sent me into the world, so I have sent them into the world” (John 17:18). These words of our Savior orient our lives and remind us that we have a divine calling in this world.

Missionaries on the mission field.
Good, old fashioned car for good old fashioned ministers

Andy Larsen and Frank Lipus minister to prisoners incarcerated in Ravalli County Jail and Deerlodge State Prison.  Their mission is to bring Scripture to those who are incarcerated and their families.
To those who are released, we work with them on a one to one basis, keeping them walking in the Spirit.
 Click here to view their website and mission statement.

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