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Hello and may God bless you.

My name is Del Abbey and my wife's name is Colleen.

In December of 1996, while attending the Charlos Heights Community Church, I was working for a helicopter logging operation when I began to think seriously of getting back into ministry.  One night, while working away from home in Avery, Idaho, I went into town to call home.  Colleen told me that she thought he needed to get back into the ministry. I went back to hmy camper trailer that night and prayed, "Lord, whatever it takes to get me back where you want me to be, I'm willing."  I immediately had a strong impression, one might even say a "vision" of losing one of my eyes in a logging accident.  I thought about it for a minute before saying, "Lord, that wouldn't be my first choice, but if that's what it takes, I'd be willing to do it."


The next morning as I was leaving my pick-up truck to hike up the mountain to where I was working, the same impression came flashing back into my mind.  I went back to the truck to get a pair of glasses that I only wore while driving at night.  While limbing the first tree that I cut that morning the tip of his chainsaw shattered and a piece of steel from the sprocket tip came flying back and shattered the right lense of my glasses.  A piece of glass slashed through the cornea and into the lense of the right eye, instantly blinding me.  God filled me with peace and an assurance that He would use this injury to open doors of service.  Within 9 months Colleen and I were back serving the Lord with Village Missions in Philipsburg Montana, where we served for almost 15 years.  


In January of 2012 the leadership of Village Missions asked Colleen and I if we would be willing to return to our home church, Charlos Heights Community Church.  We came back to Charlos Heights in March of  2012.  We have 4 grown children and 11 grandchildren.

Pastor Del and Colleen Abbey

I grew up right here in the Bitterroot Valley.  My home was just three  miles from the Charlos Heights Community Church.  When I was a junior in high school I began to date a young lady named Colleen Anderson, whose father, Cliff Anderson, was the pastor of the Charlos Heights Community Church.  


Colleen and I were married and attended Montana Institute of the Bible. We were married in June, 1973.  We  began serving with Village Missions in 1977.  

Del and Colleen Abbey Relaxing
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